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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried about being hypnotised and not having control?

As a client you are always in control at all times. Under hypnosis you will never do anything against your will.

What is it like to be in trance?

We all experience being in a hypnotic trance at certain times of the day. Examples of this are having no recollection of a part of your journey whilst driving, zoning out when watching television, reading a good book, daydreaming and just before you fall asleep. Hypnotherapy feels the same be it self-hypnosis or through a hypnotherapist. Being in a trance state is when you allow your mind to block out your external surroundings.

Does NLP work?

If you’re ready to make the change then yes it can. For example, I used to be claustrophobic. I’d had it since I was a child. I would avoid lifts (and certainly wouldn’t go in one on my own), didn’t like public toilets if there was no gap at the bottom of the door etc. Claustrophobia made me feel panicky, hot, my hands would become clammy and I would feel like I was struggling to breathe. Whilst on my course my tutors used me as a demonstration to show my colleagues how to remove a phobia. After just 20 minutes I was able to not only stand in a small broom cupboard but I could actually shut the door on myself! Something I would have never done before. To further test myself I went up in the smallest lift I’ve ever seen, (it could probably only fit 2 people, 3 at an absolute push) by myself and then came down again. It was gone! No panicking. No struggling to breathe. No clammy hands. Amazing!

How many sessions will I need?

My aim is to help you as quickly as I can so you can enjoy and get on with your life. Some conditions, such as phobias, may only take one session others, such as anxiety, may take several. This will be discussed during your initial telephone consultation. With the exception of weight loss and smoking, each session lasts one hour.

I have ticklish feet would I cope with having reflexology?

The simple answer is yes! Reflexologists apply a firm pressure when working on the feet. Prior to the treatment I clean the feet (using wipes) and then give a warm up massage to get you used to the feel of my hands. I can, of course, always give a reflexology treatment on your hands if you prefer.

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